One thing that most homeowners dread is plumbing emergencies. Unfortunately, your plumbing system can develop issues when you least expect them. This can cause extensive water damage to your property and inconveniences. Your system won’t deliver enough water for your daily use. Besides this, a faulty plumbing system can contaminate your drinking water, causing adverse health effects. While there are some issues that you can quickly fix on your own, like minor leaks and blockages, seek professional assistance in case of the following plumbing emergencies.

1. Sewer Backup

Sewer problems cause raw sewage to flow back into your house. This happens due to clogged pipes caused by the accumulation of grease, toilet paper, and other blockages in your lines. Most sewer lines lay in your backyard. Tree roots can also penetrate the pipes causing a sewer backup. This is an emergency since it’s messy and can cause serious health complications to your house occupants. It also results in awful odors, lowering the indoor air quality.

Immediately call a professional to check your sewer system if you notice signs like a gurgling toilet and multiple drain clogs. Don’t use the plumbing until a professional inspects it.

2. Pipe Burst

Pipe bursts release huge amounts of water into your house that can cause extensive damage to your furniture, walls, floors, and other possessions. This is a prevalent problem, especially during winter. In the cold months, the water coming into your house is usually extremely cold. It causes your pipes to contract, weakens some points, and if the lines can’t withstand the internal pressure, they burst.

In case of a pipe burst, turn the main water supply off and turn on cold water faucets to drain the system. Shut off electrical appliances to prevent electrocution. Immediately contact a professional plumber to replace the pipes, repair any damage, and address the root cause of the problem.

3. Faucet Leaks and Rust

Leaks are the most common yet highly ignored plumbing emergencies. Faucets and other fixtures gradually wear out and loosen over time, causing leaks. A leaky faucet is an emergency since it wastes so much water, increasing your bills. When ignored, leaks can cause rust on your metal piping, resulting in clogs. Water leaks will also cause rotting in the nearby surfaces.

Another issue is that ignored leaks encourage mold growth. Mold patches are very unattractive and cause awful odors. When you breathe in the mold spores, they can trigger asthmatic attacks, allergic reactions, and other respiratory illnesses. Mold can quickly spread and grow in your HVAC unit, which blows the spores all over your home. To prevent such problems, have an experienced plumber fix leaks as soon as they occur.

4. Clogged Drain

A severely clogged drain is a plumbing emergency since it affects your ability to cook and clean. You can resolve this problem by using a plunger, but you should call a professional to inspect your plumbing system if the problem reoccurs. If the clog is due to the accumulation of food particles and other organic matter in the drain, it encourages rapid bacteria growth. These microorganisms will lower your water quality and pose a health risk. The water in a clogged drain may also travel up and out into your house. Call a plumber to clear the drain and restore your plumbing system functionality.

5. Overflowing Toilet

One of the biggest plumbing problems you can encounter is an overflowing toilet. A toilet overflows due to blockages that don’t allow it to flush properly. You can use a plunger to get the toilet to drain and stop overflowing. If it continues to happen, you need to call a plumber to resolve the issue.

6. Reduced Water Pressure

Reduced water pressure is an emergency since it makes it difficult to clean your dishes, flush your toilet, and bathe properly. This problem can occur due to clogs in the plumbing system, faulty fixtures, or corroded plumbing. Have a professional inspect the system to determine the exact cause of the problem.

7. Failing Sump Pump

If the sump pump stops working, especially in the rainy season, this is a plumbing emergency. This device pumps out water from the basement or crawlspaces to prevent flooding. Stormwater usually has a lot of debris that can clog the sump pump and inhibit impeller movement. As a result, your unit will stop working, and water will accumulate at the lowest part of your house. This attracts mold growth and floods. Don’t delay calling a professional if your sump pump malfunctions.

8. Water Heater Malfunction

If your water heater system malfunctions, call a plumber immediately to fix the issue. Imagine the frustration of turning on your shower after a long day at work only to get a blast of ice-cold water. This happens due to a faulty heating system or wrong thermostat settings. Sediments build up, and corrosion may also affect your water heater’s functionality. A stuck valve, faulty pressure, temperature control valve, and bad gasket cause leaks, limiting the amount of hot water getting into your house. Regular water heater maintenance can help prevent most of these issues.

9. Damaged Dishwasher and Washing Machine

Dishwashers and washing machines are integral parts of any household. When they malfunction, they disrupt house hygiene practices calling for emergency repairs. The washing machine has large drain hoses connected to an external drain. With time the connections loosen up, causing leaks. A damaged inlet valve can cause dishwasher leaks. This means that the machine won’t clean your dishes efficiently due to a low water supply. If you identify leaks in your machines, shut them down immediately and call a plumber.

10. Clogged Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is a device mounted underneath your sink that allows you to dispose of waste through the sink. It grids the food particles into tiny bits that can safely go down the drain. A clogged garbage disposal is an emergency since it causes debris to back up in the sink. The unit blocks due to lack of enough flushing water, accumulation of non-organic waste, or too much waste. If your garbage disposal struggles to grind waste or makes weird sounds while in operation, call a professional to inspect it.

Your Reliable Emergency Plumbing Repair Team

Plumbing emergencies are an inevitable part of owning a house. Rather than trying to fix the issues on your own, seek help from an experienced plumber. Any tiny mistake could lead to extensive damage and hefty losses. Also, most DIYs rely on guesswork and only work as a temporary solution. Trained plumbers use technologically advanced tools to determine the root cause of an issue and fix it completely. Some plumbing tasks involve equipment that transmits a large volume of electricity. Fixing such devices with no skills can lead to electrocution and fire hazards. An experienced plumber will safely complete such tasks to protect your property and its inhabitants. You will also benefit from expert advice. After assessing your plumbing system, a plumber may advise that you replace some elements to prevent problem reoccurrence.

Whenever you need assistance with your plumbing system, don’t hesitate to contact Sunrise Plumbing. We provide sump pump, sewer repair, water heater, and leak detection services in Rockwall, TX, and the surrounding area. Get in touch with us to book an appointment.

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