At Sunrise Plumbing, we know the importance of a reliable household water supply. You depend on clean water for the health, wellness, and cleanliness of your home. Unfortunately, water can carry some undesirable substances. Heavy metals like lead can affect children’s health and development. Growing reports about the long-term effects of the chemical PFAS in the water are also concerning.

Regular water quality testing is a way to have confidence in the water coming from your taps. Once you know what is in your water, you can make a plan to address it. Tools like water softeners and filtration systems can remove harmful substances and bring several benefits.

1. Address Health Concerns

Protecting the health of you and your loved ones is the most important reason to consider water testing. A full test can determine biological, chemical, and mineral contaminants. While regular testing is a good safety precaution, you will want to test your water any time you notice changes in water quality. If your water develops an unpleasant odor or different color, there are tools available to fix the issue.

2. Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

When people are uncertain about their water quality, they choose to use bottled water in plastic containers. While this may feel like a safe option, you should also consider the environmental impact of this choice. Drinking from the tap with reusable containers means you will use less plastic, keeping trash out of landfills and the ocean.

Producing bottled water also has an environmental cost. Pumping spring water or boiling distilled water takes energy. The distribution of bottled water includes diesel trucks hauling it across the country. Confidence in your household water supply will pull you out of this cycle.

3. Healthier Skin

Excess minerals like calcium and magnesium are common in water systems. A water softener like those we install uses resin beads to attract and capture mineral ions from the supply. Changing hard water into soft water has several practical benefits.

Soap is more effective in soft water than in hard. The minerals in hard water hinder the soap from producing an effective lather. Rinsing soap from your body becomes more difficult, and you will step out of your shower with soap residue on your skin. Although you may not see it, you will feel it because it tends to leave your skin dry and itchy.

4. Better Hair Health

In the same way, shampoo is more effective in soft water. The purpose of shampoo is to remove dirt and oil from your hair. However, if there is insufficient lather, it will be difficult to rinse out all the shampoo. Even if you repeat the rinsing process, there will still be residue left behind.

When you wash your hair with hard water, you may notice that it becomes dull and limp. It also tends to be more brittle and damaged. For the best use of your shampoo and hair products, switch from hard to soft water.

5. Less Soap Scum in the Sink and Tub

The soap residue that clings to your skin and hair also gets on the surface of your tub and sinks if you have water quality issues. Soap scum is a pain to remove and can become a fertile surface for mold and mildew. Mold growth is unsightly and can make your bathroom smell unpleasant. When you soften the water, the force of gravity will do much of the cleaning work for you, helping the lather go down the drain where it belongs.

6. Avoid Clogged Pipes

You should never ignore slow drains in your home. If you notice slow draining in more than one fixture, it points to a blockage deep within your pipe system. Clogs are not just inconvenient. They cause unsanitary back-ups and can involve expensive plumbing repairs.

Blockages deep in your pipes do not develop overnight. They often begin as mineral deposits that slowly build over weeks and months. Once they grow large enough, they can catch small bits of debris and grow into a full-sized blockage. Hydro-jetting services from Sunrise Plumbing can blast these deposits away with high-pressure water before they get too big. If water testing shows high mineral content in your water supply, changing to soft water will prevent blockages in the first place.

7. Fewer Water Spots on Dishes

Water with high mineral content affects everything it touches. If you experience spotting on your glass and silverware, water testing can reveal the problem. Typically, this issue is another sign of hard water. During the drying cycle, water is supposed to evaporate from your dishes. However, the steam leaves mineral deposits behind. Water softening is the easiest way to prevent the problem.

You may see similar spotting if you have glass shower doors. Once the minerals dry into place, they do not easily scrub away. You can avoid the harsh cleansers that remove them by letting us install a water softener.

8. Longer Appliance Life

Water quality also affects any appliance that uses water, like your dishwasher and washing machine. Over time, hard water deposits coat interior parts, making them heavier and less efficient. The harder a machine works, the shorter its usable life. You will deal with expensive repairs and appliances that wear out before they should.

For your washer, water impurities will affect the quality of its cleaning job. High iron content can leave your clothes with orange stains that are difficult to remove. Calcium does not stain your clothes, but hard water minerals will make them fade sooner than they should. Soap residue can also leave your clothing scratchy and uncomfortable. Addressing this water quality issue will keep your clothes looking their best.

9. Lower Utility Bills

Diagnosing your water quality issues with a test is the first step. Then, an experienced plumbing company like Sunrise Plumbing can explain your options for fixing the problem. Once you install the necessary equipment, you will start to notice some financial benefits.

If hard water is the issue, a water softener can save money on your utility bills in two ways. When your appliances work at peak efficiency, they use less energy. For example, it decreases the amount of effort to run a spin cycle in your washing machine. Small changes in electrical usage lead to reduced energy bills.

You can also save money on your water bills. When your soap produces a good lather, you will use less water to rinse it off your skin and hair. Every gallon of water you save also equates to savings on your utilities.

10. More Household Savings

Healthy water is the key to unlocking lower household expenses. You will discover that some expensive items last longer. When soap and shampoo are more effective, you will not need to use as much of them. Clothes that do not fade also do not need replacement as often. You will also save on the amount of cleaning agents you need.

A Partner For Healthy Water

Rockwall residents concerned about water quality should contact the experienced staff at Sunrise Plumbing. We can provide solutions to keep your water healthy and clean. We also install equipment like water heaters, softeners, and sump pumps. You can always rely on us for plumbing and sewer repairs and maintenance. For plumbing issues of any kind, contact Sunrise Plumbing today.

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