Coppell TX Water Heater Requirements

Submittal requirements for work being performed in all categories:

  • A completed and signed permit application;
  • All general contractors and subcontractors must be registered with the City.

Water heater replacement: Effective September 2001, State law mandated that permits must be obtained for all water heater replacements, and a follow-up inspection must be made by a plumbing

inspector, all of which can be completed through the City’s Inspections Department.

All inspections must be scheduled on-line. Click Here to begin the process.

Same day inspections will be performed for all online inspection requests received before 7 a.m. each weekday.



The Texas State Legislature enacted into the Plumbing License Law additional wording to specifically include water heaters in their list of plumbing fixtures, required by law, to have a plumbing permit issued prior to installation. In addition, the law provides that such installations be done according to current codes by a licensed master plumber.

The following requirements apply in the City of Coppell:

  • All existing water heater replacements must first be issued a permit
  • Plumbers performing such work must be registered in the city.
  • A follow-up city inspection must be performed in a timely manner.

All water heaters must be installed in accordance with current code requirements, which include providing:

For replacement water heaters:

  • The proper size and location of combustion air
  • Proper size fuel gas line
  • Proper venting
  • Correct routing of the cold water supply and valve, as well as temperature and pressure relief (pop-off) valve and piping
  • Correctly elevating gas water heaters to a minimum 18 inches off the floor in garage (Note: Electric water heaters do not need to be elevated off the floor. Units not located in a garage do not need to be elevated).
  • The City does not require the installation of pressure regulators in conjunction with water heaters. If you have a question as to whether one is needed in your situation, please contact the Water Utilities Dept. at 972-462-5155.
  • Removal of the old water heater from attic where this can be accomplished without structural damage.

Other installation guidelines:

  • Drip pan: The City requires a drip pan to be installed under a water heater. The drip pan should be piped to the outside; a bib valve on a drain pan shall be used to hook up a hose to drip pan when the water heater is located in the middle of the house.
  • T&P line: It is mandatory that the T&P line run to the outside. The T&P discharge line shall have a union or coupling installed so as to simplify replacement of the T&P valve or water heater.
  • AGA Approved (red or yellow) handled gas valve: The City requires AGA-approved valves.
  • Flexible water connectors and gas lines: The City approves the use of flexible water connectors and flexible gas lines for water heater installation.
  • Sediment trap on gas line: The City does not require the installation of a sediment trap on the gas line for a replacement water heater installation.
  • Water pipe insulation in unheated areas: Insulation on water pipes in unheated areas is required by the City.
  • Expansion tank: The City does not require the installation of an expansion tank on a water heater.
  • Electrical disconnect box: The installation of an electrical disconnect box is not requiredfor an electric water heater that is within site of the electrical panel.
  • Heat trap nipples: The use of heat trap nipples on a water heater is not required.

Rev. March 2015

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