A sump pump is a drainage device that can remove stormwater and prevent flooding. Sump pumps are an essential part of every home used to keep basements dry. However, it is vital to use them correctly to ensure you don’t end up with a flooded basement or a clogged drainage system. In the past few years, most Rockwall, TX homeowners have installed sump pumps in their homes. Keep reading to learn more about sump pumps and required maintenance.

Type of Sump Pumps

Sump pumps fall under two categories: submersible and pedestal. The motor of a submersible pump can be submerged in water, so it is inside the sump pit. A pedestal sump pump has a long stand that raises the motor above the floor, outside the sump pit. Though the pumps may look different, they have common parts like a motor, an impeller, power cords, a float switch, and the pipe fitting where the discharge pipe is fitted.

What Does a Sump Pump Do?

Many homeowners use a sump pump to evacuate large quantities of water during an unexpected flood. This way, sump pumps prevent basement flooding during heavy rain. They work by pulling the water up from the ground and out through the drainpipe. Higher-quality sump pumps are rated up to 4,000 to 5,000 gallons per hour. Sump pumps mainly deal with minor groundwater problems like a regular intrusion.

Common Sump Pump Problems

When a sump pump is not operating properly, or not at all, you should examine what may be causing it. Simple fixes are usually easy when they come to problems of this nature. Solutions revolve around water intake and discharge, electrical connections, and float and switch mechanisms.

1. Sump Pump Starts and Stops Frequently

Undersized sump pumps could be the cause. However, the solution is often easier and cheaper. The pipe might have an obstruction that prevents water discharge. The water backflow fills the sump pit and reactivates it frequently.

2. Sump Pump Does Not Shut Off

Confirm whether the float switch is working properly. If not, you should replace the switch. Check the discharge pipe for obstructions. Your pump might be undersized for your needs, depending on how much water is around your property. Confirm whether it’s functioning optimally. Anything more powerful than a standard output pump is ideal for the best solution.

3. Sump Pump Does Not Turn On

There may be too little water to trigger the operations. Otherwise, there might be a tripped circuit breaker or a blown-up fuse on the service panel, or the inlet valve might be clogged with debris.

Do Sump Pumps Require Maintenance?

Are you wondering if you need to maintain your sump pump? Yes, because the pump needs to be serviced regularly to function properly. Sump pumps are designed for continuous use and require regular maintenance and inspection. If you are in Rockwall, get your unit checked by Sunrise Plumbing. Our certified plumbing professionals have vast experience inspecting, maintaining, and fixing sump pumps.

1. Know the Signs of Trouble With Your Sump Pump

You must take care of your sump pump and know how to recognize when there is a problem so you can get it fixed. Some of these signs are strange noises that indicate worn-out parts. Rattling sounds indicate a jammed or damaged impeller while an excessively vibrating motor indicates a bent or deformed impeller. The sump pump turning on and off indicates a problem with the wiring. If your sump pump is leaking oil, you may need to replace it soon due to its failure. If you notice any of these, call Sunrise Plumbing for a thorough inspection of your sump pump immediately.

2. Check Regularly if Your Sump Pump Still Works

Avoid costly disasters by doing routine maintenance and checking for any issues. This will help you avoid flooding and other costly disasters. To do this, connect the sump pump to its power source, and then pour water into the sump pit. Check its functionality and listen for odd sounds that might give you a clue about the underlying issues.

3. Know the Functionalities of Your Sump Pump

To ensure your sump pump is in good working condition, ensure it’s always running at full capacity. You’ll be able to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of your pump. Besides, it will help prevent failure, which can be costly and frustrating. It is essential to know how old the unit is, where to get the spare parts, and which issues to watch out for. Make sure to keep the manual in a safe and accessible place.

4. Deep Clean Your Sump Pump and Clean Out the Sump Pit Periodically

It’s essential to clean your sump pump and sump pit regularly to keep them working optimally and for long. The benefits extend to reduced maintenance costs and increased equipment efficiency. Here are some steps to follow. First, ensure no one is using any appliances that may drain water into the sump pit, and then turn off the sump pump. Rinse the pump with a garden hose and gently wipe out any caked debris with a putty knife. Then, clean the sump pit with a wet vac, reattach the pump’s discharge pipe, and reconnect the power source.

5. Make Sure That the Equipment Is Properly Covered

A proper cover on your sump pump prevents larger debris, lint, and sediment from falling into the sump pit. The cover should fit snugly and only have holes for the wires, stand (in case of pedestal sump pump), and drainage pipe. Following this safety measure doesn’t rule out regular cleaning of your sump pit but reduces the work.

6. Check the Discharge Line

Your sump may be draining slowly for other reasons besides the pump. It is essential to check the drainage pipes and ensure that there is no blockage.

7. Consider Having a Backup Sump Pump

Power outages can be frequent during storms; when they do, you must prepare appropriately. A backup sump pump doesn’t run on electricity but on batteries or water pressure from your home. They are not as strong as submersible or pedestal sump pumps but are effective.

8. Know Who to Call for Sump Pump Maintenance and Replacement

Our plumbing experts at Sunrise Plumbing specialize in offering sump pump maintenance, repair, and replacement services. Even if you’ve misplaced the manual or your old sump pump is no longer working, our plumbing technicians can help you. You will have to replace your sump pump over time. We’ve got your back even if you’ve misplaced or lost your instructions guide. Our experts can assess your sump pump and provide a replacement if necessary.

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