Frisco TX Water Heater Requirements

The City Frisco Texas follows the 2006 International Plumbing Code. Local amendments listed below:

  • T&P line shall discharge to outside of building and terminate not less than 6” above grade and shall not terminate on sidewalk or patio. T&P line must be installed with a union and shall not be trapped under slab or at any other location.
  • Drain pans required under every water heater in all locations with drain extending to the outside minimum 6” and maximum 24” above grade. Drain pan line may be run to lowest level of garage in cases where it is not possible to run to exterior. Other methods in lieu of pan drain can be installed with prior approval.
  • A means for thermal expansion control is required where a closed system is in place. A PRV is considered to create to closed system. This is for any home built after 2001
  • When located in garage, the source of ignition shall be not less than 18” above the floor.
  • Water heaters located in attic shall have a passage way not less than 30” high with continuous solid flooring not less than 24”. A 30”x30” level service space shall be in front of water heater. The opening shall be large enough to allow for removal.
  • Minimum vertical rise for vent shall be 5’ and shall terminate not less than 8’ from vertical surface or less than 2’ above roof line.
  • Vent cap, collar, and flashing shall be properly installed.
  • Vents shall be adequately secured in place.
  • Clearance from combustibles shall be min. 1” for doubled walled vent and 6” for single walled.
  • Check clearance from water heater to combustibles as per name plate.
  • Dissimilar metal connections shall be made with dielectric unions or brass fittings.
  • Gas valve shutoff shall be of an approved type and located in the same room as water heater not further than 6’ from the appliance. Gas flex must be replaced as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Sediment traps shall be installed as per Section 2419.4 of the 2006 IRC and 408.4 of the IFGC where required.

***Electric Water Heater installs require an electric disconnect, its own breaker box.

City of Frisco TX Building Inspections

George A. Purefoy Municipal Center

6101 Frisco Square Blvd., 3rd Floor

Frisco, TX 75034


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