After you are done frying up bacon or cooking burgers, you might be tempted to put that grease down the drain. Stop right there! Pouring grease down your sink can be bad for both your plumbing and the local waterways. It can even lead to hefty repair bills for you. A little bit of grease can cause big problems. Here are a few things you should know about grease and drains.

Never Pour Grease Down the Drain

When you need to get rid of grease, the easiest option seems to be pouring it down the drain. However, grease can create a massive mess in your plumbing system. Hot grease is in a liquid state, but once it cools down, it will solidify. That means it clogs up the pipes, creating a buildup in them. With those blockages, the draining process is slowed down. Massive clogs will require a call to a plumber to unplug them.

While a little bit of grease might not seem like a big deal, it can continue to create havoc in your pipes if left untreated. Everything will seem fine until you need a plumber at your home. Grease clogs can even increase your water bills over the months. Clogged pipes will also make your plumbing system inefficient by creating leaks and drips.

Along with that, the whole local plumbing system is at risk for damage when you pour grease down the drain. Your waterways and other water supplies can be tainted when hot grease enters the pipes. As you can see, grease and residential plumbing are not a good mix.

Disposing of Grease Properly

Now that you know you should not put grease down the drain, remember that oils are another no-no for your pipes. Keeping these substances out of your plumbing will lead to better water flow efficiency in your home. There are a few things you can do to properly dispose of grease and oil.

If you have sizzling hot grease, find a jar or can to pour the liquid in. You want to find something that can handle the hot temperature without melting. A mason jar is a good choice, but stay away from anything with plastic. Whether you have a can or jar, make sure it is something that you can wash out. When you fill up the container, scoop out the hardened grease and throw it in your trash bin. Some homeowners will wait until the grease has solidified on the frying pan and then wipe it out with a towel or rag.

Oils are tricky because they often stay in a liquid state. If you want to throw out the oil, wait until it is thoroughly cooled. You can usually wipe it up with paper towels and toss them into the trash. For those larger quantities, pour the oil into a jar. You can also pour the oil into old water bottles and then throw them away when full. Just make sure it has cooled first.

Flushing Your Pipes

What happens when you have already poured grease down the drain? You can find a few ingredients around your home to flush out the grease. If you are already experiencing clogs, you might have to schedule an appointment with a professional plumbing company.

One of the easiest ways to flush your pipes is with hot water. You just pour hot water down the drains to rid them of grease. This method will help remove those clogs and improve the plumbing’s performance. Hot water will break down the grease and flush it through the pipe. Keep your tap running and allow the water to heat. Many homeowners let the water flow for about 15 minutes. If it is a minor clog, the buildup will disappear, and you will have a functioning drain once more.

However, you might need to break out a few tools to clean your pipes. A plunger is a great tool to keep on hand. All you have to do is cover the drain opening with the plunger and move it up and down for about a minute. Be gentle with the plunger or you could ruin your pipes. Steady pressure is the best way to unclog those drains.

You can also use homemade or store-bought cleaners to remove grease. Adding vinegar and baking soda to the drain is an easy remedy for clogs. You can just pour those ingredients down and watch them foam up in the drain. Vinegar and baking soda can break down that debris while still protecting your pipes. In most situations, you just need a cup of each product. After they have done their magic, flush the drain with hot water. This simple method can remove small clogs and save you money on repair bills.

Finally, if you have a big clog, you might want to use a drain snake. This tool is a great way to remove the tough buildup of grease. Professionals often use drain snakes, but homeowners can purchase them at a local hardware store. You want to be cautious with these tools, though. Too much pressure can cause you to break the pipes.

If you still want to use a drain snake, allow the tool to go through the pipes. When it reaches the blockage, turn the handle in a clockwise direction. You want to keep rotating against the clog. The head of the tool will absorb and collect all of the debris. Make sure to use a little pressure with this device. Once you have broken up the debris and grease, you can pull out the drain snake.

Preventing Clogs in Drains

The easiest way to prevent a clog is to ensure that any oils and grease are never poured down the drain. You can even use a drain cover to keep all food particles and other debris from heading down the pipe. In addition, make sure that your plumbing system is inspected. This will give you some peace of mind that there are no serious blockages in it.

Find an Experienced Plumber

There is never a good time to pour grease down the drain. By doing so, you can create a tough clog in your plumbing system. In those situations, some homemade remedies might work, but you will probably need the help of an experienced plumber. These professionals have all the tools to quickly release the clog and get your pipe back into working order. Plus, you can avoid all of those issues resulting from do-it-yourself remedies.

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