Plano TX Water Heater Requirements

Effective July 1, 2008, the City of Plano adopted 2006 IPC and Fuel Gas Code, which requires a sediment trap on gas fixtures including the water heater.


  1.  Location Access and Working Space: Gas water heaters prohibited in bathroom or bedroom. Working space: 30 inches x 30 inches. Attic Location: Permanent ladder or stairs required. 30 inches walkway required with 30 inches x 22 inches access door. Water heater must be within 20 feet of access door. Exterior location: Water heaters must be protected from the elements and must be accessible from a minimum 24 inch wide door.
  2.  18 inch stand Required when water heater is installed in a garage. Not required if Water Heater is inside structure and away from vehicular traffic.
  3.  Corrosion Resistance Pan Required for installation above 1st floor. Corrosive resistant ¾ inch drain line required to discharge at a visible location: exterior above grade, floor sink, mop sink. T&P line may NOT drain to Pan.
  4.  Shutoff Valve A shutoff valve is required on the cold water supply and is readily accessible. Dielectric unions not required for hot and cold lines.
  5.  Pipe Insulation Pipe insulation is required on first 5 feet of hot and cold water pipe and to within 6 inches of draft hood.
  6.  Temperature & Pressure (T&P) Relief A temperature and pressure relief valve is required. ¾ inch minimum drain line must run with fall to approved locations: Exterior of building and located between 6 and 24 inches above finished grade, floor sink, or mop sink.
  7.  Combustion Air (Gas Water Heaters Only) Where located in a confined space (less than 50 cubic feet of area for each 1000 BTU input rating of water heater) a high and low combustion air opening must be provided within 12 inches of the top and bottom of the enclosure.
  8.  Vent (Gas Water Heaters Only – Ref. footnote for G2428.2.3 of IRC). A double wall (type B) vent must be provided with a min. 1 inch to combustibles. Min. 5 feet vertical required between vent collar and vent cap. Vent may have offsets of up to 45 degrees and one offset of up to 60 degrees. Vent must terminate in a listed vent cap. Vent stack minimum 5 feet.
  9.  Vent Connector(Gas Water Heaters Only) Single wall vent connector allowed to connect water heater to its vent. Vent connector must be exposed and cannot run into or through concealed construction. Minimum 6 inch clearance to combustibles. Min. pitch ¼ inch per foot.
  10.  Gas Connector (Gas Water Heaters Only) Accessible and approved valve with maximum 3 feet of flex connector. Connector and valve must not be concealed.


  1. Due to recent changes in manufacturer’s specifications, most gas water heaters require a sediment trap on gas line to the water heater.
  2.  Tank-less Water Heaters Follow manufacturer installation instructions & comply with Int’l Fuel Gas Code for gas line size &vent. A gas load calculation shall be provided on the jobsite when calling the first inspection.

Notes for ELECTRIC water heaters:

  1. Item (2): Stand not required in garage or inside homes on replacement work
  2. Dielectric unions not required.
  3. Flex connection not required for hot and cold lines. Copper pipes acceptable.
  4. Item (3): Drain pan is not required if water heater is on the 1st floor.
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