Richardson TX Water Heater Requirements

Updated 08/06/2013

The City of Richardson follows the 2012 International Plumbing Code and 2012 International Residential Code.

  • The City of Richardson Texas requires all water heaters have a walkway, platform, accessibility and clearances.
  • The water heater flue must be secured and supported with proper slope and clearance to combustibles. A horizontal portion of flue can be no more than 75% of total flue height. Draft diverter must be securely fastened to flue and water heater. Combustion air shall be met when required.
  • If the water heater location is in the garage, it must be in a recessed closet or alcove. All natural gas water heaters in the garage must have the ignition source elevated to 18” above the floor or protected from vehicle impact.
  • Electric water heaters are not required to be elevated. ***Electric Water Heater installs require an electric disconnect, its own breaker box.
  • Water heaters located in an attic shall be located no further than 20’ from access opening with a 24” wide walkway and 30” service platform. The walkway and service platform shall be constructed of ¾” solid flooring material. Proper joint support shall be constructed and water heaters must sit on at least a 2 x 4 material perpendicular to joists.
  • Proper installation of a T & P valve and pan drains: T & P shall be at least ¾” and pan drain shall be at least 1” in size and shall run separately to the exterior or other approved place of disposal.
  • Insulation shields are required where vents pass through insulated assemblies and attic space. The insulation shield shall not terminate less than 2” above the insulation material and secured in place.
  • Gas vent termination shall be at least 8’ from vertical wall and a minimum height above roof line dependent on roof pitch OR shall be at least 2’ higher than any portion of the building within 10’.
  • An existing water heater does not require a pan and drain on the first floor. If the water heater has an existing water heater drain pan it must be piped to the outside.
  • An expansion tank is required on a closed loop system.
  • NEW!! Due to recent changes in manufacturer’s specifications, most gas water heaters require a sediment trap on gas line to the water heater.
  • ***Electric Water Heater installs require an electric disconnect, its own breaker box.

City of Richardson TX Building Inspections


*Permit DOES NOT need to be posted

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