Rockwall TX Water Heater Requirements

Effective September 2007, the Texas State Legislature enacted into the Plumbing License Law additional wording to specifically include water heaters in their list of plumbing fixtures, required by law, to have a plumbing permit issued prior to installation. In addition, the law provides that such installations be done according to current codes by a Rockwall TX licensed master plumber and inspected by a licensed plumbing inspector.

  • Pans are required and shall be not less than 1 ½” deep and equipped with a minimum 2/3” drain line.
  • The drain pan line shall be of materials in accordance with: 2006 IRC Table 2904.5 and 2006 IPC Table 605.4.
  • All water heaters installed in garages must be elevated a minimum of 18: above the garage floor, by means of a platform.
  • T & P and pan discharge/drain lines shall be piped separately to the exterior of the building and terminate not less than 6” or more than 24” above grade or more than 6” above a code approved waster receptor.
  • Alternate methods of T & P and pan discharge/draining shall only be considered in cases of infeasiblity of installation, do to limitations imposed by the design of an existing residence or building.
  • Corrugated flex lines are not approved for use as a T & P line.
  • T & P discharge lines shall only be of approved materials listed in Section P2904.5 of the 2006 IRC or Section 605.4 6006 of the IPC or materials tested, rated and approved for such use in accordance with ASME A112.4.1.
  • Existing combined T & P and pan discharge/drain lines are not “grandfathered”. All discharge/drain line installations must meet the requirements of the 2006 IRC or IPC and local amendments.
  • Combustion air ventilations is required for all installations in spaces not meeting the required volume of 50 cubic feet per 1,000 BTUh (the total required volume shall be the sum of the required volume capacity for all appliances located within the space) and must be in accordance with Section 2407 of the 2006 IRC and Sections 304 of the IFGC.
  • All water lines shall be connected to the water heater by means of a union.
  • A union must be installed on the T & P discharge line in a manner that will allow the removal of the T & P valve without cutting the discharge line.
  • Single wall vent pipes shall have two or more screws in each connection.
  • All gas shut off valves shall be of an approved ball valve type.
  • All gas connectors shall be of an approved type and length.
  • A sediment trap is required downstream of the equipment shut off valve as close the to the inlet of the water heater is practical.
  • As of August 2008, the City of Rockwall TX requires a sediment trap on the gas line for all gas water heater installations.

Rockwall TX Building Inspections

Call 972-771-7709 for inspection on the day of the installation. Inspection will be done with the plumber present. Call 30 minutes before job is complete. Permit does not need to be posted.

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