Rowlett TX Water Heater Requirements

All Water Heaters

  1. Water heater drain pan installed on all water heaters installed inside the house.
  2. Must be in a 1 ½” deep pan with a ¾” drain line to outside or an approved receptor.
  3. If installed in garages or attics must have the water pipes insulated.
  4. Must be elevated 18” off garage floor.
  5. Pressure relief valve (T&P) discharge pipe shall discharge outside 6” above ground of floor level or in an approved indirect waste receptor. If pipe cannot drain to the outside, a WAGS valve is recommended but not required.
  6. Cut off valve on cold water pipe to water heater to shut off water.
  7. Cold-water electric ground wire and clamp secured to pipe ahead of shut off valve.
  8. Unions on water connections, inlet, outlet and pressure relief discharge lines.

Gas Water Heaters

  1. Upper and lower combustion air must be installed when a water heater is installed in a closet. Combustion air is required to be 100 square inches upper and lower.
  2. Must have 1” clearance on type B water heater vent from all combustible materials and observe manufactures specifications.
  3. Gas stop must be of ball valve type and must be able to shut off by hand.
  4. Maximum length of flex gas pipe is 36” and minimum of ½” size.

Building Inspection Department

3901 Main Street

Rowlett, Texas

For any other questions please call 972 412-6125

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