Are you in need of sewer repair in Sachse, TX? Perhaps you’ve noticed bad sewage smells around your home or your toilet or sinks are blocked? When waste has nowhere to go because of a sewer problem, it can cause significant problems for your plumbing. The good news is that Sunrise Plumbing can help. With our years of experience in sewer service to our investment in the best sewer repair equipment, we’ll have your sewers repaired in no time. Sewers can develop problems due to a number of reasons. A common problem is tree roots. As they grow and make their way through the earth, they can push through into sewer lines. This can cause a blockage or leaks. Fortunately, we’ve seen this problem hundreds of times and know just what to do. Call us the moment you notice a problem with your sewers or plumbing and we’ll be there to save the day and your sanity!