Are you wondering how much care to extend to your drains? Your drains should get regular maintenance to prolong their life and retain efficiency. Dealing with a clogged drain can be frustrating and horrible. It can also be expensive and daunting to unclog by yourself. The best weapon against this mess is to maintain your system regularly. We’re here with a comprehensive guide on how this needs to be done to ensure that you maintain a functioning drainage system all year.

Why Should You Maintain Your Drains Regularly?

Regular maintenance of your drains does not have to be triggered by a blockage or clogging. When you wait until it’s too late, you won’t like what you’ll have to deal with.

From our experience of almost a decade of serving customers in Rockwall, Texas, we have learned that making drain maintenance a routine is the best way to maintain your system and prevent unnecessary trouble in the future. Here are some reasons why regular maintenance is important.

Prevents Unnecessary Clogging

Foreign matter can enter your drains and cause clogging. Foreign matter could include grease, coffee grounds, hair, and soap scum. We have also seen some cases of tree roots clogging the drains because cracked pipes allowed their penetration and growth into the lines.

Sometimes, the drain gates fail to filter the smaller debris. Please don’t assume that your drainage system is fine and doesn’t need maintenance just because it seems to be working perfectly. It is potentially at the risk of blocking due to the gradual accumulation of foreign matter.

Regular drain maintenance will ensure that your system and pipes remain efficient. It prevents the formation of harmful clogs. When this happens, you might be forced to adopt more serious and expensive cleaning methods, such as drain snakes.

Eliminates Lingering Odors

Mold and debris buildup in your drain can produce a foul smell. Trapping the sewer water can make the lingering stench severe. The foul can also make your compound unhabitable and a nuisance. Fortunately, Sunrise Plumbing is passionate about cleaning and maintaining your drains regularly to ensure they do not get to this point.

Even if the drains have clogged and have started to produce a bad odor, we can help by cleaning them in less than a couple of hours to eliminate the smell. We can also inspect the system and recommend how often you should maintain your drains.

Maintains a Safe and Clean Interior and Exterior

The last thing you wish to see is clogged outdoor drain lines because they can spill waste from the kitchen, laundry, and washroom.

In the rainy season, this can mix with the storm water and become a potential risk for spreading contagious diseases like cholera. It also makes your compound unclean and unhealthy for you and your family. This is why you must take the necessary measure never to get to this point.

Our knowledgeable plumbers can also handle water retention issues with your drainage so that it doesn’t harbor mosquitoes and other insects that can cause diseases to your loved ones. Your drainage system could also make the floor slippery and unsafe for anyone using that space. The risk of falling and being injured is higher for children and the elderly.

Avoids Unnecessary Costs in the Future

If you hesitate to maintain your drains regularly, damage and clogging might happen in your pipes. Restorative measures required at advanced levels of cleaning are costlier, and your pipes might have sustained some significant damage by then.
We recommend finding the best plumber to inspect, clean, and maintain your drain from time to time. If this becomes a habit, you’ll enjoy zero clogs, faster drainage, and minimal calls for plumbing repairs.

Extends the Lifespan of Your Plumbing Appliances

Don’t be one of those homeowners who feel like maintaining their drains is a waste of money. Money spent annually for proper maintenance won’t compare to the large chunk you’ll have to pay when you experience a plumbing emergency. Replacement of the components long before their service life is much costlier, and regular maintenance remains the ultimate alternative.

We recommend regular maintenance because it helps keep your plumbing components functioning without debris or dirt that might interfere with the performance.

Besides, regular servicing of your drainage lines prevents premature damage and breakdown that might demand earlier replacement. Thus, you save money significantly when the drainage system works effectively throughout its lifespan.

How Often Should Drains Get Maintenance?

There are no standards for when the drains should be maintained, but reputable companies like Sunrise Plumbing can come to inspect and recommend how often your system requires servicing.

Our experts will look at different factors, such as the condition of the drainage system, the size of your household, and the clogging risks to recommend a routine.

On average, we recommend annual cleaning and maintenance of your drains even when you don’t notice specific signs of trouble. This preventive drain cleaning is necessary even for the newly installed systems to ensure they remain efficient in carrying waste to the primary sewer line connection.

Sometimes, your system might need cleaning and maintenance two or three times a year. This is especially necessary for the drain pipes that have been in service for a long time without maintenance. Based on the condition, we can recommend you service the lines every quarter or two to restore the initial perfect condition.

But, if you wait until the odor comes from your drain, more frequent maintenance might be necessary for the first year or two. Households with huge wastes that have delayed calling for maintenance services might be required to schedule more frequent maintenance services.

While this is a bit costlier, you can avoid this step by engaging your plumbing company early so that you get advice, recommendations, and professional services from the beginning. When you start maintenance early, you save money and keep your drains working well.

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