The Colony Water Heater Requirements

  1. Water heater shall be located and connected so as to provide easy access for observation, maintenance, servicing and replacement.
  2. Water heaters shall not be installed in a room used for storage.
  3. Gas-fired water heaters located in a bedroom or bathroom shall be installed in a sealed enclosure so that combustion air will not be taken from the living space.
  4. Water heaters installed in garages that have an ignition source shall be elevated a minimum of eighteen (18) inches above the garage floor.
  5. Gas stop shall be ball-valve type and shall be able to shut off by hand.
  6. Maximum length of flex gas pipe is thirty six (36) inches.
  7. Water heaters installed in attics and/or garages shall have the water pipes insulated.
  8. A pan is required where water heaters are installed in locations where leakage of the tank or connections could cause structural damage. Galvanized steel pan shall have a minimum thickness of twenty-four (24) gauge. PVC/plastic drain pans not allowed.
  9. Pan drain termination shall extend full size and terminate over a suitably located indirect waste receptor or shall extend to the exterior of the building and terminate not less than six (6) inches and not more than twenty-four (24) inches above adjacent ground surface or add emergency water shut off device (or alarm).
  10. Readily accessible full open valve shall be installed in the cold-water supply pipe.

The Colony TX Building Inspection 972-624-3158

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