Your daily shower routine might be to blame for all that water pooling around your ankles — a clear sign of a slow or clogged drain.

Certain bath and shower products aren’t doing your plumbing any favors. Kick these bad habits to keep your drains flowing freely.

Here’s How You’re Clogging Your Shower Drain

Using Bath Bombs

For many, soaking in a kaleidoscope of colors is a fun way to unwind. While bath bombs make “me time” more fizzy and colorful, they can also create a mess in your drain unless you take certain precautions.

Bath bombs are comprised of salt and fragrant oils. They don’t always dissolve completely, leaving behind chunky byproducts, which may also include flower petals and glitter. When these go down the drain, they can catch on hair and soap scum to form a stubborn clog.

If bath bombs are crucial to your self-care routine, consider placing them in a nylon net to prevent bits from washing down the drain.

Using Bar Soap

Good old fashioned bar soap tends to solidify along the drain’s interior. This is especially true if you have hard water. Soap can’t form a good lather in hard water, so you end up using more soap. All that soapy residue can dry out in your drain, contributing to a clog.

Switch to liquid soap and invest in a water softener.

Not Using a Shower Drain Screen

Every time you shower, you shed several strands of hair. That’s a lot of locks getting tangled up inside your drain! A drain screen captures hair and chunks of bar soap to keep the pipe flowing freely. There are several types of drain screens, from simple devices that sit directly on top of the drain to more complicated gadgets that you insert into the pipe. They’re cheap, and they’ll save you a lot of money on a repair bill.

Turn to the Rockwall Area Drain Cleaning Experts

If you read these helpful tips too late and the damage is already done, consider having your drains professionally cleaned. Sunrise Plumbing and its fleet of fully stocked vehicles are prepared to provide fast, effective repairs. To schedule your appointment, call (469) 378-8731.

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