You wake up in the morning and before you even have your first cup of coffee or tea, you want a nice hot shower. However, only cold water comes out of the tap. Don’t let this happen to you. At Sunrise Plumbing, we can provide water heater repairs at the first sign of trouble for your home in Carrollton, TX. When you need water heater service, contact our plumbing pros to avoid a pile-up of dirty dishes and no hot water for laundry.

Is your water heater more than 10 years old? That’s about how long it’s supposed to last. Tankless water systems last up to 20 years but eventually outlive their useful life too. If you aren’t sure what the situation is with your water heater, it might be time to review the signs that there is an issue. For prompt, professional water heater service in Carrollton, Sunrise Plumbing is the industry leader!