A proper water heater installation in Rockwall, TX can last for years and will remain energy-efficient throughout the entire time. There’s nothing worse than having to shower or bathe in cold water when all you want to do is sit back and relax with a nice hot bath. A lot of your household appliances also rely on the water heater. For example, you likely wash your dishes in the dishwasher, and that uses hot water to quickly dissolve and melt fat and grease that are still lingering on the dishes.

Finding the right type of water heater is the difficult part. You need to choose one that’s the right capacity. Otherwise, you may not have enough hot water for your whole family. There are also many different options, features and technological integrations to look for. Sunrise Plumbing can help you determine what type and size of water heater replacement will work for you and your needs.

Our team also installs and replaces water heaters in: