Leaks in your plumbing can be stealthy and remain undetected for months. As the problem persists, the damage will spread throughout your home, increasing your repair and replacement costs. More of your plumbing will be affected over time, decreasing your home’s comfort. Steadily leaking pipes and fixtures will also skyrocket your monthly water bills. If a small leak isn’t caught quickly, it can become a plumbing emergency like a burst pipe or a water heater failure. Keep reading to learn a few helpful ways you can minimize your chances of experiencing plumbing leaks.

Monitor Appliances

Appliances and all their components will slowly age over time. This natural process will wear down the essential water seals on your washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator and more. Along with impacting the efficiency of the machine, constant leaks can cause rust and lead to mold growth.

Watch all of your appliances for nearby standing water and any gurgling noises. It’s best to unplug the appliance if possible and hold off on using it again until one of our plumbers can examine it. Leaks that occur on the upper floors of your home are particularly dangerous as they can seep into the floor and ruin your carpets, rugs and ceilings below.

Check Under Your Sink

You may occasionally find that the cabinet under your sink is wet. While this isn’t uncommon, it’s important to make sure you can identify where the water is coming from. It’s possible it may have splashed over when you were cooking or washing the dishes. However, there’s also a chance it originates from a leaky drain or malfunctioning garbage disposal.

Avoid prematurely wearing out your disposal by only grinding down small amounts of safe foods. You should never put bones, grease, nuts, eggshells or non-food items in your garbage disposal. Ensure your disposal is installed correctly by relying on a plumbing professional. It’s also helpful to keep the water running while grinding to release any residual food or debris.

Insulate Your Pipes

Pipes are more likely to freeze and burst when exposed to the elements. Pipe insulation is a great way to lower the risk of leaks while improving energy efficiency. Insulators prevent condensation and reduce the noisiness of the pipes. They’re also an effective way to maintain temperature control so that your water stays as hot or cold as you desire.

Insulation works to increase the time it takes for any standing water to freeze. During the coldest winter days, it’s also helpful to leave a faucet dripping overnight to keep water flowing.

Watch for Discoloration

You may only catch some leaks after the damage begins, and they’ve already started to affect the walls and floors around them. For example, a leaking tub drain may discolor or stain the ceiling below it. Watch your home for new water spots or unexplained discoloration. The paint may look like it’s buckling or flaking away.

Persistent moisture issues also often come with mold growth and mustiness. You may spot green, black or white dots in high-moisture areas like your basement or bathroom. If your home’s humidity level suddenly spikes, there’s likely standing water caused by a substantial leak nearby.

Examine Water Supply Lines

Many of your fixtures, like your tubs, sinks and toilets, come with water supply lines. These lines allow you to cut off the water supply to certain areas of the home during installation projects. Water lines wear out over time and begin to leak. You may find small amounts of water on the floor under your toilet or bathroom sink. These are often easy to replace if the connector has developed a hole or a joint needs tightening.

Save your money and time by calling in one of our professional plumbers. If you try to replace the part yourself, you may find that there’s still an unidentified leak. It can be easier to diagnose a plumbing issue with the right equipment and training. Relying on a certified expert ensures the problem is fixed the first time without unnecessary damage to your property.

Protect Sump Pump

Sump pumps are commonly found in homes with underground basements or crawl spaces that occasionally experience flooding. These systems work to pump out excess water and direct it away from your foundation and belongings. Issues with your sump pump can lead to more moisture in the basement, which harms your expensive HVAC system as well as any storage.

All appliances, fixtures and systems in your home that work with water should be examined regularly for external damage and efficiency issues. Neglecting to care for your sump pump could leave your basement and home defenseless in a flooding emergency.

Maintain Water Heater

Your water heater plays a huge role in your day-to-day comfort. With hot water, you’ll be able to clean, shower, cook and wash your clothes. These systems need at least annual maintenance to ensure they’re not suffering from any water leaks or safety malfunctions.

Your water heater likely needs professional service soon if it’s unable to produce enough hot water for your needs. Your water temperature may constantly fluctuate or arrive with very little pressure. The water can also be discolored and have an unpleasant odor. The smell of rotten eggs around your water heater may mean it’s leaking natural gas. Routine service will lengthen the life span of your home’s water heater and prevent it from leaking water.

Schedule Professional Plumbing Inspections

You may only want to call us for plumbing care when you’ve noticed a definite problem. Unfortunately, the issue could’ve already worsened and spread by the time you see the standing water or discoloration. Small leaks can quickly become costly leaks if not stopped in time.

Preventive plumbing care and inspections allow our professionals to spot weak areas in your plumbing before they break. Experienced plumbers can use video equipment to take an in-depth look at the inside of your pipes. This is the best way to see internal structural damage from clogs or bad septic habits before it causes a leak.

Investing in plumbing maintenance lowers your need for expensive repairs. It also helps keep your water bills down and prolongs the effective life span of your most valuable appliances and fixtures. Monitoring your home for plumbing issues and scheduling annual professional care is essential to preserving your family’s daily comfort and safety.

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