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Slab Leak Locate & Repair

sunrise plumbing installing piping at a rockwall home in dallas metro

At Sunrise Plumbing, we know that locating slab leaks can be difficult and can cause severe damage to your home. We take pride in our ability to locate the leak quickly and repairing slab leaks quickly. Call Sunrise Plumbing for slab leak repair at 214-773-2506

Slab Leak Signs and Repair

Slab leaks occur along hot and cold drain lines that run through your home’s concrete foundation. Homes constructed over 70 years ago are more likely to experience slab leaks because of the copper pipes that are installed in their foundations. These leaks are the most devastating to homes since they can remain undetected for a while. If you notice these signs, it could mean your home has a slab leak:

  • Mold or mildew around your home
  • Lower water pressure than normal, especially if it’s very low
  • Puddles of water around your yard and ground level areas
  • You can hear running water even when you’re not using your appliances
  • You find new cracks in your walls and baseboards
  • There is excessive moisture under your floors and carpets
  • There is an unusual spike in your water bill
sunrise plumbing repairing a slab leak at a rockwall home

Trust the Professionals for Your Home's Slab Leaks

Slab leaks are a homeowner’s nightmare. The advanced training of our plumbers along with our specialized tools allow us to find hidden leaks in your foundation due to weather related shifts, installation issues, wear and tear over time, corrosion of your pipes, and anything else. It’s always important to have a professional team perform installation services to avoid issues such as slab leaks, but if installation malpractice is the issue, our plumbers can help you resolve it.

Our plumbers are some of the most dedicated and reliable in the home services industry, and each time we’re servicing your plumbing, we are sure to provide 100% customer satisfaction. No matter how intimidating slab leaks can be, we’re always available to tackle your plumbing issues, both big and small.

Call Sunrise Plumbing for your slab leak location and repair services and we’ll make sure your home functions properly and is free from further plumbing threats. In fact, we’ll leave our service area cleaner than when we found it! For expert plumbing that puts your needs first, call Sunrise Plumbing.

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