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Water Leak Locate & Repair

sunrise plumbing fixing a water leak

When you have the Sunrise Plumbing team on your side, you don’t have to worry about water leaks possibly damaging your Rockwall or Dallas area home. Our plumbers specialize in leak detection and repair to ensure your home is protected at all times of the year. Call Sunrise Plumbing at 214-773-2506 for water leak location and repair.

Locating Water Leaks

No one wants to find a leak in their home or even think about a leak that could be remaining undetected!

Putting off much needed plumbing maintenance can increase the threat of leaks in your home and could cause a leak to get out of hand. If a leak isn’t caught immediately, it could be costing you much more in the long run than resolving the issue today. Plus, leaks tend to get worse the longer they aren’t repaired, but if there’s one team that can quickly repair the leaks in your home while providing you with excellent customer service, it’s Sunrise Plumbing.

Sunrise Plumbing uses state-of-the-art camera and leak detection equipment to locate the exact source of leaks in homes across the Dallas Metro area. If your hidden leak is in your walls, ceilings, outdoor plumbing, or anywhere else, we can find it. Locating the leak is just the first step, and afterwards we can make a professional repair so you can have peace of mind, knowing your home is protected.

Water Leak Signs

There are some well-known signs of leaks that you can quickly spot around your home such as pooling water near your walls, dripping sounds when you’re not using your plumbing, or a huge spike in your water bill. Other leaks, however, are harder to spot. If you notice your water usage has increased outside of what your home normally consumes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

sunrise plumbing tech in front of van

Choose the Best for Water Leak Detection and Repair

Our team of plumbers are dedicated to providing you with a convenient customer experience along with the best plumbing services in Rockwall. Sunrise Plumbing leak locating and repair services are performed with the most advanced methods and technology in order to provide quicker solutions with the safety of your home in mind. Call us today if you need any of our plumbing services for your home!

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